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What Is Your 2003 Delivery Date?

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Mar 22, 2002
Sacramento Valley
I ordered a 2003 Avalanche yesterday (7/15/02). ?Don't have a build date or delivery date yet, but if you know yours (order, build and delivery), please post. :D :love:

My 03 Av was ordered in the middle of June, My Build date is the 2nd week of August, should have av by end of Aug 02.
Ordered mine on May 14th, Builddate July 28, Delivery 3rd week of August.
Finally got my dates. :D
Build: ?From the dealer, "THIS WAS BUILT 09-06-02 IT SHOULD BE HERE IN 10 DAYS.
O DOWN IS OK (for 0% financing).

This means I will get it around September 16th or so. ;D :B: :cool: ;) >:D :) :love:
Mine is being built today (Aug. 19th) and was told that I would get it in 3-4 weeks which would put it around Sept. 16th....now how many hours is that from now? Let the painfully slow countdown clock begin!
I've ordered but am still waiting for the delivery and build dates. As it is a Canadian order it will be interesting to see how long it takes.
My Av was ordered August 6.

Build date: the week of Sept 2.

Expected delivery: 3 weeks from when it is built.

So approx. earliest delivery would be anywhere from
Sept 23, to Sept. 27.

Anyway you look at it, it is the longest wait of your life!!
:2: :3: >:D :sleep: :6: ??? :p :rolleyes: :-*
Come on people who have ordered a 2003!!

There have only been seven of you who posted your build and delivery dates.

I have to believe there is more than seven of you!

Share, share, share.

Post your dates here
I ordered mine shortly after the information was made available in the GM Autobook. It's been so long ago, I don't even remember when that was. May? Target delivery date is September 23rd. :love:

Maybe the 2500s went into production a little later than the 1500s?
Ordered July 24
Build date Aug. 19
Called the dealer friday and he said it should be in this
week. ;D ;D >:D :B:

Z71 Dark Charcoal Gray, Dark Charcoal cloth bucket seats, convience package, security package, chrome tubes. The wait is killing me.
gstreak said:
Finally got my dates. :D
Build: ?From the dealer, "THIS WAS BUILT 09-06-02 IT SHOULD BE HERE IN 10 DAYS.
O DOWN IS OK (for 0% financing).

This means I will get it around September 16th or so. ;D :B: :cool: ;) >:D :) :love:

I am very happy for you GSTREAK!

Your long painful wait will soon by replaced by the joy of your cruisin' down the road, leaving a big "Green Streak" in your wake!
Just got my stock number and partial VIN number (?) from my dealer (Rydell).

2003 Avalanche 25000 4WD, Dark Gray Metallic, Dark Charcoal Trim, Leather seats, Bose system, sliding sunroof, 4.10 gears, Big Block Vortec 8100 V8 engine :cool: Personal Security Package, Driver Convenience Package, HD Trailering Equipment...

Don't know when it is/was built and I don't know how soon it will be at the dealer (this is my salesperson's first order so she doesn't know that much). I know it will be in soon. :B:

Price is $400 over invoice :)
Hello All!

I?m a rookie to the group. This is my first post - However I have been reading all your member posts for the past several months in anticipation of ordering my avalanche. Thus, yesterday I placed my factory order. 2003 Black on Grey Z71. I found a couple of points of interest in selecting my options.

1) You can?t get heated or dual 8 way adjustable seats with the NorthFace Edition
2) You can?t get a transmission temp gauge on a 1500, but there is an idiot light to give you fair warning.

Anyway ? I thought some would like me to include all the pricing I got from the dealer for options if anyone is interested. I got every option I could but a Block Heater (and DVD as I wanted a sunroof)..

Z71 Suspension Pkg Off-Road 835.00
QJM Tires P265/70R17 WHT letter 125.00
ANS 8 way heated seats & memory 2375.00
PDH Driver Convenience pkg 592.00
PDQ Personal Security Pkg 875.00
U2K XM Satellite Radio 325.00
CF5 Sunroof 1095.00
V54 Luggage Rack 195.00
BVE Assist Steps Dark Charcoal 395.00
Z82 Trailering Equipment 165.00

Base Price 34,394.00
Dest chgs 745.00
Options 6,977.00
Total 42,116.00

GM disc.* - 5,093.21
Olds disc.** - 1,000.00

My Cost $36,022.79

* I received a GM supplier discount (which is 4% above GM employee discount)
** I received a $1000 rebate for being a previous Olds owner. (It was a weak time in my life I don?t like to talk about it)

I?m a trusting sole by nature, so if any of you see any issues with the above pricing model let me know
(I really didn?t shop the dealer on this) I took his word on all the $$pricing. The Dealer told me to expect an 8-week wait for delivery. I got my order confirmation today.
I see they kicked the Z-71 package up another $100. And what's with the extra $125 for the tires? Is that only for white lettering? Cause that upgraded tire package should be included in the Z-71 package.

Also what is the GM personal security package?
PDG ?Personal Security Package ? inc (AJ7) Air bags, side-impact, driver & right front passenger, (UE1) OnStar & (UK3) Sound system feature, steering wheel mounted radio controls?

If you want steering wheel controls you have to spend the $875 for this pkg..

I asked the dealer the same question yesterdays on the tires and yes its for the white lettering and is no-longer included in the Z71 pricing but is still required if you choose Z71.. So in short sounds like the price on Z71 went up $225.00.... At least that?s how it looks to me unless i?m getting taken for $125.
Maybe the difference in price is becasue you now only get deep tinted windows with a package (such as Z71 or Z66) rather than being standard. :8:

Tinting is expensive ya know :rolleyes:
BlkFrog said:
Maybe the difference in price is becasue you now only get deep tinted windows with a package (such as Z71 or Z66) rather than being standard. ? :8:

Tinting is expensive ya know ? :rolleyes:

Deep tinted windows? What does that mean compared to what was standard on the 2002?
Oh happy day, today, I just found out my Red Supermobile was built on September 4th!

So it now has a birthday, a belly button, it's very own VIN number, and it is on it's way!

Well, maybe it doesn't have a bellly button.

Expected delivery sometime next week!

:) ;) :D ;D :cool:
Right on!
Now it is starting to look like you are going to beat me. :7: ?I thought you were told 3 weeks for delivery down there? ????
Mine was built the week of Aug. 19th. Dealer called a week ago and gave me my VIN number and invoice (I'm paying $100 over and total end price is $37,400. Every option including that damn engine block heater but not the tubes). He said it arrives on Sept 22nd. He said because it was a Sunday he would get it Monday and it should be ready later that day. Can't wait! Not for the AV but for me to be able to sleep through a night again. I'm always stayn up looking at this web site! :p Have still yet to find a "real" pic with a '03 black AV. And not one from the Chevy website... anybody help me out?
My was also made the week of Aug. 19th. My dealer said it would be here two weeks later, but he was wrong. :8: Called him back to day (friday) and he put a trace on it and said it is in route to the local hub and should be here later next week around thursday or friday. So maybe I will get it Saturday or Monday. This will make it 8 1/2 weeks from order date.
Friday the 13th was a lucky day for me.

Received delivery of my Supemobile.

Victory Red 2003 Z66.

The neutral interior with the charcoal inserts and carpeting go really nice together and with the Red paint and dark cladding.

Spent today shining her with Zaino.

The Zaino tire dressing looks fantastic on the cladding and cargo-bed covers!

Got some mods to do, then will post pictures.
Congrats on the new Red Supermobile. :D

Ordered my 2003 on Aug 22.
Built Week of 9/9
Talked to dealer yesterday got VIN number
and he said it had a ship date of 9/10.
Still waiting for that all-important delivery date...most
likely next week! ;D

Happy Trails!
Tex Av - if you have your vin number, you are getting very close. I am sure you will have it very shortly.

I wish you the best, it is such a relief to get in an drive off!
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