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What Seats Are Best?

I Personally Have The Cloth Buckets With Rear Air...

But... If I Were To Do It Over....

I'd Go With Full Leather Buckets With Rear Air...

The Cloth Just Holds To Much Dust, Dander, And Etc.

After 14 Months My Cloth Buckets, Look Alittle Dull...

I have the full leather seats with the 6 power lumbar support and bun warmers....love them to death..very confortable and have not had any problems with comfort do to hot weather or cold weather....

Of course everyone has different needs..some folks who have pets, or small children rather have the cloth in case of spills etc......

The leather on a scale of 1-10 is a 10 1/2...... :B:
I have the leather 6-way heated memory bucket seats.

I love them and don't even mind taking care of them.

I think the seats are a matter of preference and what really fills your individual needs ;D
I am with NJAV, full leather with butt warmers and power adjustments.

Only one thing could make these seats better: seat coolers. Many imports offer that. Hey, if they can be warmed, they can be cooled!

I've also got the leather buckets with all the gee-whiz stuff. I think they're great; very comfortable and a lot easier to take care of than I thought they'd be. (My first time with leather seats.) I recommend them if you have no pressing need to seat six.
Cloth buckets. I really like em, especially the fold down highway armrests ;D. I didn't go with leather because I thought I'd always be worried about tossing things in the back, my belt cell phone, and other things that might gouge and mark-up the leather.

If you have kids - I would suggest passing on leather. My sister's kids have really marked up her leather interior.
The cloth is scotchgaurded, so it cleans up real easy and should be very hard to stain.
Leather is very nice though :rolleyes:
The bench is the best way to go in our opinion. ?If you put the midgate down, it is the ONLY way to get 3 adults out and about. ?We carried 6 adults comfortably back from a hike.

Another plus is that If I want to put the midgate down. I can do it completely from the drivers side without having to climb over the seats to move the passanger seat forward.
anhandrew said:
Please let me know what seats you have and do you like it? ?What are the plus and minuses.

Bench, Bucket, Leather/clothe?



You may be interested in some of the opinions expressed in the thread I started on the same subject...

Seats...how do you like yours?
I love the bench (even though it's not really a bench) and of course that has to do with the stereo nut in me. I've got the JL Stealth enclosure (which has a lot more air space than the Suburban box used with the Buckets). And after having sat in both, I like the bench better (it's really cushy for us BIG boys). (y)
The bench will allow you to seat more and I think that is best. It allows you to carry 6 passengers (one less than the Trailblazer EXT!). Plus, with the midgate down, you have the seating capacity of most regular cab pickups. Then, the bench can really be turned into buckets by lowering the middle seat backrest. Go with the bench.
I love my full leather with butt bakers and the eight-way power seats (remember guys and gals the power bolsters and lumbar count at 7 and :cool:. If I could have gotten the Burger King treatment however, I would have wanted full leather with bench seats, and power on the driver side only. with bun bakers from and rear.

Alas that wasn't a possible option.
I agree I would have loved to get leather bench seats. But it is nice not to have my legs stick to the seats with the cloth in the summer heat.

Don't need the butt bakers though as it down not get cold enough here to warrant them.
Regarding the topic title "What seats are best?", I think that depends on your objective. I wanted the 3 passenger seating with the midgate down, and that was the top priority, and made for an easy choice. YMMV.

(Now if GM would have thought that through and put the passenger airbag disable on the 02, but that is a different topic)
I looked hard for a set of cloth buckets. Had to pass up a LOT of trucks with leater. Made it hard to find the truck I wanted. :(

Had leather in my old Blazer, and didn't really like it. I tended to feel sticky and damp in the summer, not enough ventilation. My wife hated the way she slid on the seat when I took a corner (too fast.) >:D

Also, I cringed every time I would pick up my son after he had been swimming at a friend's house. I'd always ask him "is your suit dry?" Of course, his definition of dry (it's dry as long as it's not dripping) :rolleyes: wasn't the same as my own (resembles the sahara desert.) The leather was starting to take a beating. :mad:

I find the cloth to be cooler in the summer, my wife doesn't slip, and I don't cringe whenever my son (or a load of boy scouts) get in. I'm much happier with the cloth. (y)

That being said, I wish I could have gotten the butt bakers, power bolster/lumbar, and memory seat in cloth. :6: I agree with Chief, the Burger King treatment would have been great. :cool: Still, not having leather was more important to me than the extra gizmos.

But then again, everybody has an opinion, and seats can be a very personal choice. Everyone has to make their own decision on that one...

-- SS
In the back of my mind, I think maybe I should've gone with the bench. I drove three different Av's, including the one we leased all with buckets. It's kinda like the color thing, I really wanted blue or orange/natural, I wound up lt. pewter/graphite. It felt right it was priced right, it fit no regrets.
The best seat is the driver's seat in an Avalanche>:D

I prefer the full leather power seats....

Leather is easy to clean...damp towel and hard to stain .

the power options make for comfortable cruises.

The warmers are nice on cool days with the sunroof open and the rear window out.

With the kick butt AC no need to worry about sticking to seats as the interior cools off in a few minutes.

Good Luck with what ever you choose.
As has been said, the bench is really two buckets with a small jump seat in the middle - it's what we got - wanted the extra seating option.

My Burger King requests would be a leather option on the bench and a power passenger seat with the bench. Haven't ever had butt warmers - they aren't high on the list, but maybe I don't know what I'm missing ;D
Well there we have it...more than enough opinions and comments you could shake a stick at...good luck with your choice... ;D
jamie said:
Only one thing could make these seats better: seat coolers. Many imports offer that. Hey, if they can be warmed, they can be cooled!

Another vote for A/C seats. In 9 months I've heated my seat only once, when I was running a fever.

Anyone own or sit in the Sport Cloth?
A question to those that have 2003 Avalanches. I have seen many posts about cloth bucket seats, yet when I goto chevrolet.com, cloth buckets are not an option I can choose. You can either choose leather with the cloth headrest inserts, or full leather. When I goto Kelly Blue Book's site (kbb.com), I can select the option of cloth bucket seats, along with the two leather choices.

Is this now the case with Avalanches, or perhaps is there a mistake on the chevrolet.com website?
I have cloth/bench..........wouldn't have gone any other way, I can seat 6 if need be ?(y)

And in the summer when it's triple digits I don't have to worry about hopping in my truck and burning my glutes or the back of my legs.

Plus I have a cat that roams free in my truck when it's time for vet visits and she would claw through leather (she's an indoor/outdoor kitty so I won't declaw her).

My mom's Tahoe has the memory seats/leather/bun warmers......I don't like to slip and slide in the seat and I found the bun warmers only warm in the middle, it's not an even heat all over....

It really is personal preference, and what goals you need to accomplish with it.....
Chevy doesn't make the best possible combination. I would want bench seats with full leather, driver and passenger power with lumbar support and butt warmers. Also the drive side with memory. That would be my ideal but alas this is not possible.

So with that I went with the full leather buckets with heat and memory. It's like sitting in a comfy first class airplane seat.