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what size tire for wheels?


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Nov 30, 2004
Tulsa, Oklahoma
I'm going with the American eagle 187 wheel in? (16x8 -11mm offset 4 backspace) or (16x10 -24mm 4 1/2)
I'm looking at the BFgoods AT , Nittos Graps or Nitto Dunes...I have a 2002 Z71 that im going to put a 3" body lift on...with a 16x8 or 16x10 wheel what would be the best tire size for me to fill the well up ?285/75/16...305/70/16..285/70/16? or maybe another size im missing? my only worry on the 305 tire is how it will handle on the road? and pulling the gas mileage down?
I know Back Spacing and Rim width on the AV are critical.
The 10" wide rim is pushing it. Not saying it wont work but will cause more interference up front! (what do I know I am running 9" w/4.5BS)

My $0.02

Spedo can be corrected with Programmer!
well I think im going 305/70/16 16x8 wheels...does this equal out to a 33 tire? and will it fit with the 3" body lift?