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What to do


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Sep 16, 2006
I have my 02' Av with 65,000 miles. I want to change the tranny oil, but what's better: change the oil and filter or tranny flush?

My GM dealer say to do the flush.
Anyway, I'll appreciate your opinions.

Thanks  :B:
I would not do a flush with that many miles, just drop the pan and change the filter and refill. quite a few folks have had trans failure after doing a flush with that many miles
Good advice WildFire, seals do get brittle with wear and tear and age, there's no use taking the chance to cause a finaical diaster in a tranmission overhaul.  :B:
just drop and change..  hummm thats sounds questionable huh
Dupont 24 said:
just the words drop and change..

nothing to do with the trany fluid change..  sorry  :jacked:
Middle of the night tyoe thing