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What Toyota?


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
So yesterday I stopped at the post office to check the PO BOX for decal orders and other stuff. ?In the town I live in you can park parallel in front of the post office on the street. ?So I get my mail and walk back to my Avalanche. ?I start it up, look in all the mirrors, and go to back up three or so feet so I can pull out into traffic.

Had I not had my windows down I would have never known. ?BLAM! ?The absolutely horrible sound of metal on metal. ?I look in my mirror in panic - nothing, I see nothing in any of my mirrors.

I put it in park and get out. ?Behind me is a gold Toyota Corolla. ?The car is so small it's roof is below the top of the tailgate. ?I hit it hard enough to actually bounce the Corolla backwards about six inches, as I did nothing to move forward before I got out to check.

However I broke incredibly lucky. ?I hit the Corolla dead center on the front bumper. ?Had I not had a reciever hitch cover to distribute the impact, the 2" reciever probably would have punched a hole in the plate. ?Instead the Chevy bowtie cover I had bore the brunt of the impact and being made of metal, not plastic got bent up. ?The horrible noise was the receiver hitch cover bending up the front license plate on the Corolla.

I was a good citizen, waited around for the owner, explained to her what happened. ?Now here is the goofy part, she apologized to ME for her car being so small and was more worried about my bent reciever cover than her front end. ? :eek:

Needless to say I was quite relieved by all of this and drove away without exchanging information.

Hmmmm, wonder if I should look at the Rosta system again...
my Towchek reverse-view camera and little video screen should be here any day now, I will post step by step as I put it in, I think it will solve for just this sort of thing

plus I need a mod, been ohh, about a week or so without one . . . >:D

Just make sure you post some pics with your mod results.
Tis quite amazing what will easily hide behind the Av. It's one of the few Caddy EXT features that I really would like on the Av. So far, I've not crunched anything, but as has already been said, it may just be a matter of time!
This is one of my biggest fears. ?Glad to hear it wasn't that serious. ?

I wish I could add the Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist (URPA) that's on the Cadillac Escalde EXT. ?I've seen postings regarding similar products but I'm interested in the EXT one. ?Anyone see the Cadillac URPA advertised?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions...

So sorry to hear about your episode. I have made it a habbit to walk around the rear of my AV on the way to getting in.

I just know that while I'm buckling up, some :D: toyota will pull behind me and I'll be faced with the same thing.

Guess I'll have to look into another mod, oh darn. >:D

Glad it all worked out though, hitch covers are cheap! :eek:
I replaced my trailer hitch cover with a round chrome one with the Chevy bowtie and the Avalanche logo on it for $21.53 drive out at my dealer.

In replacing the cover I discovered a small cut in the bumper cladding (ugh). Yup - will have to be more careful in the future when parallel parked in an area with no meters and no clear lines on where you can/can't park. I'm going to trim up around the cut so there isn't the flaps there. Could have been worse - had it been sheet metal I'd be looking at a dent and paint work. Viva 'la cladding!
Chief said:
I replaced my trailer hitch cover with a round chrome one with the Chevy bowtie and the Avalanche logo on it for $21.53 drive out at my dealer.
Is this the one you got Chief?


I like ?:eek:


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Very close - the bowtie is on top, the Avalanche is on the bottom, and the bow tie is black outlined - but ya - that's real close...
:eek: :eek: :eek:


where can I purchase one of these AV hitch covers, I have been looking at one lately, but it just doesn't seem to appeal to me. This one I love :love: please give me the info, do I need to contact dealers here in San Antonio???

Please let me know.

Miss Avalanche :B: