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What's Cadillac Got That Avalanche Doesn't Have


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Here are the key differences between an Avalanche 1500 4WD and the Cadillac Escalade EXT. For the sake of comparison I'm taking an Avalanche 1500 Z-71 with all options except power sunroof. This is what the Cadillac has above and beyond Avalanche. We're comparing $37,476 versus $49,990:

  • Monochrome paint scheme (no plastic below)
  • 6.0 liter V-8 with 345 HP and 380 foot lbs. torque (requires premium unleaded)
  • Fulltime 4WD
  • Quadrasteer system which gives Escalade EXT a compact car class turning diameter of 37 feet
  • Active suspension with stability control
  • Self leveling suspension
  • Traction control (yes on 4WD)
  • Speed sensitive steering
  • Full function trip computer
  • Fullsize spare mounted on 17 X 7.5 rim
  • Rear parking sensor and warning system
  • Auto delay off headlamps
  • Power retactable mirrors
  • Reverse tilt dual mirrors provides curb view when vehicle in reverse
  • Audio controls on steering wheel
  • Rear 12 volt outlet
  • Power seat with memory for two drivers with memory for seats and mirrors
  • Ten-way power driver and passenger seats
  • Front and rear climate control
  • Leather and real wood trim everywhere (and I'm sure the leather is higher quality than Avalanche)
  • Bose premium in dash stereo with AM/FM Stereo Cassette and in-dash 6 disc CD changer with seven speaker stereo including rear subwoofer, Bose speakers, and two sets of wireless headphones for rear seat passengers and separate rear audio controls
  • OnStar with one year full service included
  • Upgraded instrument cluster with Transmission Temperature
"Quadrasteer system "

are you sure about that? The quadrasteer is first showing up on the sierra denali pickup. WIth this system the rear fenders stick out and lights are added to the top of the roof.

I seen 6 exts at a cadillac dealership last weekend. 3 black and 3 silver. None had quadrasteer
Score one for Ryan - you are correct 2002 Escalade EXT's don't have Quadrasteer :rolleyes:

It is planned for 2003 and it will give the Escalade a 37 foot turning diameter, which is on par with many compact cars. In an interview with new Vice Chairman Lutz he said that Quadrasteer is not even under consideration for the Avalanche because the turning radius is so good compared to other crew cab full size trucks ;D ;D ;D

I'll say it again - lots of technology in the Cadillac but I don't know if it's worth the $12K premium... (but who pays sticker anyway?)
doesnt the EXT come with an optional navagation system in their center conolse? hmmmmmm, i thought they did.

can you guess what i'm thinking?
I just cannot stand the Caddy Front end....

PLus I do not like the painted cladding....

I do like the paint colors that white is like pearl looking awesome shine!
Great forum,first post!<p>There is a full review of the EXT in the latest issue of Car and Driver(March 2002).They pretty much panned it,but,hey,it
is a truck!At least all the specs. and pictures are there(that front end is AWFUL!).
I love the caddy ext front end. If it weren't too expensive and if possible, I would exchange my front end.

Well at least Car & Driver is consistent. Really funny on their Avalanche vs. Lincoln Blackwood review they called the midgate a novelty and they were critical of the Avalanche's inability to carry rear cargo. Then in the Blackwood review, with a rear cargo area 1/2 the size of the Avalanche, and with a non-removable cover meaning you can't carry anything taller than 15-1/2" - they praised it's versatility.

I think Car & Driver is feeling stupid for ripping the Avalanche only to have it win a slew of awards and exceed sales expectations.

BTW - if you do some digging - they name the Avalanche on their best of five trucks.
I noticed the same thing about the cargo size in the Blackwood/Avalanche review.C&D has always had a chipon their shoulder about anything that doesn't fit the "true sportscar" mold,especially if it's Detroit iron.So I read it for specs,pictures,and amusement(even moreso for Motor Trend-never met a vehicle they didn't like).
I really wonder if these reviewers aren't $ubject to some other pre$$ure$!!
What the Escalade doesnt have over the Avalanche...

1. The name alone "Avalanche"...sounds way cooler than Escalade...and I'm gay! ;)
2. Not thought of as a copy...since the Avalanche came out before the Escalade.
3. Someone told me my Avalanche looks "Jurrasic"...im sure the escalade wouldn't get that comment.
4. Dont have to worry about door dings as much with the vinyl clad sides.
I'm sure there is more...but thats all i have time for right now.
i should get off my lazy buttox,

but does anyone know if the escalades mount their speakers different from the av? locations?
CAddy has the BOSE radio. I think the doors have the same mounts but they put a sub woof in the center console as well and a few other thingys to make it sound better.
I have not seen one yet...guess I need to get off the puter more and watch.

I do like the pearl paint though....I saw one in a Mardi Gras Parade driven by some lady man she was good looking!! The truck too ;D
I have the full leather and it comes with the 10 way power front seats on both the driver and passenger sides. Also my power mirrors tilt way down, making it easy to back into parking spaces (the reverse sensor I installed also helps). I thought that all AVs also had the speed sensitive steering. My AV is a fully loaded Z-71 except for the roof rack and block heater. It also has the side window deep tinting DELETED.
I would just like to point out that everything thats plastic on the avalanche is also plastic on the EXT.
No, not everything on the EXT is plastic as is thought. The front fenders and rear quarters are 100% steel. Check it out for yourself. The only lower cladding on an EXT is on the front and rear door lowers.
LoClass is correct. The quarter panels are steel. The over the wheel boxes are painted as well as the sail piece behind the window but the 3 piece cargo cover is not. Still more paint = more washing/waxing (uhg).

The Bose sound system does include front window pillar mounted tweeters facing the windshield. I'm not sure about the subwoofer in the console. I listen to one for about 1/2 hour and could tell if it did have one. If it did, then it wasn't that big of a sound difference.
I don't know technically the differences..but everytime I see a black one I just think WOW ,that's the Sh :eek:t!
i can tell ya this i like the body colored cladding.. and the cargo area same color thing, i would immidiately change out the bose tho. no his no los just bose... thats my motto.. i wish that there was space for subs in the avalance or the ext... the front of the ext is cool, if you remove the badges and go for billet... that would change the looks the way i like.. and i would have to take all the cadillac and escalade ext ads from the car completely.. i mean, i like the car and if they mad the avalances with the same color cladding i would love it.. who knows. i am still deciding between the two. and around here they are going so fast, everyones pretty much paying full sticker. who knows... i like em both.. the cadillac is well a cadillac made off another gm truck, but its such a tough choice. for customization tho. i would take the EXT it seems to be a cleaner slate. and easier to change the grill out.. i mean after all by getting an av or an EXT i am not trying to be like anyone else.. why keep it the same as everyone elses.. right?
half-breed said:
I have the full leather and it comes with the 10 way power front seats on both the driver and passenger sides. Also my power mirrors tilt way down, making it easy to back into parking spaces (the reverse sensor I installed also helps). I thought that all AVs also had the speed sensitive steering. My AV is a fully loaded Z-71 except for the roof rack and block heater. It also has the side window deep tinting DELETED.

Hey Half-Breed!

Your mirror conversion sounds great! Do they also automatically return to the up posistion when you shift out of reverse? I would love to hear more on the conversion, I always thought GM should add this to the Subs, Tahoes and Avs - and I want it!

Any info you would care to share on how to perform this mod would be greatly appreciated!!


well my decision is almost final, i just decided to get an EXT... i know its weird.. but i was a little iffy when i drove the avalanche and after the drive in the ext its over in a couple weeks i will be filling out the paperwork and getting me a new truck.. woooo hoooo
The power mirrors are stock and not connected to reverse. When backing into a tight spot I just tilt one or both down to see the curb, car, or cart. They tilt much farther than expected.
To all that like the cadi front clip as opposed to the avy front clip!
As an avid modder of teh sport compct scene i have started work on my 2002 chevy avalanche. *YAY* im soo excitred so far i did the first few must increase my horrific gas millage for towing purposes. But now im off to do the famous and front clip conversion im going to wave byebye to my avalanche front clip and slap on that new ext one! I know there are kitsout there for this but jsut a word of advice never ever buy them! They fit like i know im not suppose to saythis on here but i have to @$$!!!!!!! And besides its cheaper to buy the parts directly from a dealership especially when you know people in the parts department tht can get you the parts that "FELL OFF THE TRUCK" or when they sell you anything you want from any company for dealer cost or less there for. So watch out i hope to be the first avy with a cady front clip! These are teh best mods i must say conversions rule i know my other chevy doesnt look like chevy anymore!
Peace Out
Andrew from Tucson, AZ
Keep modding them Avy's and Caddy's!