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What's The Most Unusual Av You've Seen


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Jan 15, 2002
Philly area
About 2 months ago, I was driving down a divided highway, when I saw the strangest thing headed toward me from the opposite direction. It was an Av, completely painted in a flat olive-drab like color. Other than the lights, there wasn't a reflective surface anywhere on it. The chrome piece in the front was darker than the rest of the paint job, but not black. All cladding as well as the bed support strut covers were OD also.

This Av was awsome looking and, with the paint scheme, looked massive with an imposing profile. I only wished I could have turned around on the highway to try to catch up with the guy to get his story. I would have loved to get the details on the mods and post the info. Well, I frequent that area at least once a week, so maybe I'll run into him sometime in he future.

Hmmmmmm . . . . I wonder if the Army bought of few of these for themselves. It sure looked like it.

[Overheard at an undisclosed base . . . . "But General, we NEED an Avalanche for our unit. How else are we going to efficiently patrol all those golf courses you had us build?] ;)

Hmmm, sounds like G man has a run for his money with the Ultimate Urban Assault vehicle....

I've seen a bunch of Avs here in So. Fla... (and tagging as many as I can). Most of the modders are here...(on the site, I mean). I'd have to say the most unusual and unique modder would have to be Got_Change. Have him tell ya about em.... especially those unusual engine compartment vents....
The most unusual one I have seen was at the Milwaukee Sports Show, and there was one there completely covered in RealTree camoflage vinyl.
I really don't know if the one's I've seen qualify as unusual..but I have seen a variety of dropped AV's...multi-colored Av's....I guess this is something that lies in the eyes of the beholder.....and what we would consider unusual... :B: