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Whats your favorite MOD?


Full Member
Jun 14, 2005
Sunnyside, Wa
I was curious as to what some of us av onwers favorite mods where cause right now, mine is the predator bar,
so whats yours?
The "Rod Mod" Remote Tailgate Lock/Unlock w/ Alarm and Saddlebag Lights w/ Alarm all in one kit.  (y)  (I have a 2003, those with a 2007 already have the remote tailgate lock/unlock)
Tossup between exhaust and wheels. Haven't done either yet to this one. :(
Bose Lux Touchscreen I absolutely Love it , I want to sleep in it
Have to say it's the bedslide, be it the commercial version or a home-made.? Installs in minutes and use it every day. (y)
I have to say my Cowl Hood  :love:
It's has to be the 6" lift and Tires....
IFW bedslide and suspension by Air ride Technologies.... they make loading stuff in the bed easy.