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Where Can I Rent An Avalanche? In Delaware?


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Aug 10, 2002
I joined this group some time ago in my research on what vehicle to replace our not very durable All Wheel Drive Dodge Caravan, and now that we have a pop up trailer, durability is even more important. In short, the Avalanche has landed, in my mind anyway, near the top of the heap.

My wife is dead set against the whole concept, but has agreed that we can rent one for our next vacation in April, and then decide after we have lived with it for a week.

I checked a few months ago and found no one near us who rented Avalanches.

So, does anyone know where I could rent an Avalanche for a week in the Delaware area? I am NOT looking to rent someone's personal Avalache. I would have trouble living with myself if I hurt someone's baby. This would have to be a rental from a rental company. If I can't find a rental we may have to live with a Suburban.
Steven1955, send me a message. I am located down here in Harrington. I know several AV owners here in Delaware. Beach is located down around Millsboro. Send one of us a message on how to contact you and we would be glad to help convince your wife. I'll let her talk to mine. ;D

And I'll let your wife talk to mine about not getting a mini van to replace her suburban.... :D:

As far as rental AV's , I haven't heard of any on a long term basis. I do have a couple of contacts at dealerships that might be able to work with you on using a used AV. Let me know we'll see what we can do!! (y)