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Where IS Empty?


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Jun 18, 2002
Fairview, TN
I've only had the AV over a week and have run the tank pretty low before I've filled up (only twice), or so I thought.
Yesterday my needle was below the E redline and my "Low Fuel" message had been on for a good while. I was beginning to panic :C: since I forgot both my phone and my wallet (have OnStar though, so not all hope lost). When I filled up the thing was spilling over when I got only 27.4 gallons in it.
So where is Empty on the guage? When "Low Fuel" comes on, how much is supposed to be left in the tank? Wish I had that trip computer. :cry:
Oh, and will gas hurt or stain cladding? ???
your results will vary with the Low Fuel light...

Mine comes on when I need about 26 gallons.....

Any less than that I start to panic.....Cause I hate W (walk).
My experience (Z-71) is that the low fuel light comes on with about 6 gallons left. The most that I've ever put in is 29 gallons.

I don't think gas will hurt the cladding - though I've always cleaned it up at the station when I've spilled a bit.
The last time I got it real low it took 27 gallons of gas to fill it and my fuel light had NOT come on yet. With all my other vehicles the light would come on with about 3 gallons left.

However as ygmn said it will vary from vehicle to vehicle. There has not been a lot of science applied to improving the accuracy of fuel gauges in autos/trucks.
I cant help myself >:D >:D

Where is empty?

You'll find empty just after you run out. >:D >:D

Like I said, I couldn't help myself.

the most I have put in is 28 gallons.
I put in 28.6 gallons at one point, totally convinced I was going to have to coast into the gas station... but apparently still had several gallons left! I guess as long as you know the limitations, you can get used to any gauge.
I usually can get 26-27 gallons in after my low fuel light comes on. The most I have put in to date was 30.14. just a tad closer than I like to cut it!
Seems from most of the posts as well as my own experiences that E and/or the light coming on seems to leave you with four gallons still left in the tank. Everytime I've filled it's been between 27.5 and 27. Yes, I keep track of this kind of sh%# ??? >:D

Folks, for what it is worth, try not to let the tank get below a 1/4 if possible - it puts wear on the fuel pump that you don't need to do - also tends to pull nasty stuff in the winter.

It is a heat thing - the gas cools the pump. ;D
It's WAY DOWN There,

I Have Put In Just Over 30 Gallons Twice :D:

And Over 29 Gallons Several Times, (I Do Alot Of Real Country Driving)

But, I Don't Do That Anymore.

Because, Gandophxx Is Right, It Isn't All That Grand To Run It Really Low, Because Your Fuel Pump Is Cooled By Your Fuel. (GREAT DESIGN)

A Friend Of Mine Lost His Truck (Ford Super Crew) And His Whole House. They Suspect The Fire Started In The Trucks Fuel Tank. Luckly, No One Was Hurt.

First, thanks for the info on the pump gandolphxx, i have been guilty of running it low, when i really did not have to, kind of like now it is sitting on the red line, on the way home today l looked down and it was pegged below the red line. i cut the key off and turned it back on and it came up just above the red line. I promise i will not do that again.
Now for the main question, i did not know if it was worth starting a new post (you decide)
My gas gauge when checking mileage, as much as i drive and watch it close on the interstate is at 230 miles when at 3/4 of a tank. Some times it will hang up and not move for a while and when i stop and restart it drops down like a 1/3 of a quarter(hope i stated that right). I have even shut off engine while going down the road to see if it would drop and yep it does. Seems like it gets hung up sometimes. Have you all experienced that???????? And yes i may be screwing the sending unit up because when i fill up i shake it and roll it till it will not take another drop. mechanic said it should be okay if i jump on the interstate, but not to go home and park it like that because fuel tends to get over in the evaporator whatever.
I noticed this same thing on my 2000Z71 and my 2001 yukon. Mechanic says they do not have a 26 gallon sender or a 31 for that matter so they use a 20 gallon sender. That is why i use about 8-9 gallons before it comes off of full mark,,,,,,,,gauge sticking/sending unit sticking????????