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Which Color Side Steps And Bull Bar For My Truck?

Which Color Side Steps and Bull Bar for my Truck?

  • Stainless Steel

    Votes: 15 93.8%
  • Black Powdercoat

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Other

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Mar 2, 2003
Ashburn, VA
I'm having the worst time deciding on what side steps and bull bar to buy, whether they should be Black Powder Coat or Stainless Steel. ?I have a 2003 Medium Sage Green Metallic Northface. ?I want to get both the bull bar and skid plate for the front. ?Any suggestions?

I have the stock wheels, nothing yet, I'm looking at getting American Racing Terons next year. I already have a Carraige Works Billet Grill and a Billet Bowtie, I'm worried that all the chrome/billet is overdoing it.
Here's my Green metallic ave with Nerfs. I like the black on the Green. Just my Opinion

Great looking ride! What is the manufacturer of your bull bar? Have been trying to look for one that fits. How does your mount? Is your side step the Platinum series from Westin? Thanks in advance for your info
Dr T
Here is my sage green 2002 NFE, with chrome Westin's.

Thanks for the compliments.

The side steps are the Signiture Series from Westin. If you are going to go with the Black Powder Coat get the platinum Series. From what I hear they are Stainless steal underneath the Black Powder. This will keep the bars from rusting. This is something that all us North Easterners have to contend with in the Winter with all the salt they use on the roads.

My Bull Bar is from Tal and Hadas. They make one just for the Avalanche. They are located in Brooklyn New York. My truck has both the Bull Bar and the Skid Plate. They mount to you tow hook assembly. You will never be able to use them again. Other than that I installed it all myself. Nothng big, it was pretty easy.

Here's the chrome/Stainless route
3" chromed stainless>> 4 ways around it


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Cape that is a nice ride you have. I bet you cringe everytime you go over a speed bump. Are you ever worried about scraping the Bull Bar
Hard decision, Saw a lifted North Face this weekend and he was all blacked out with the Black bars and Black grill guard that covered the whole front end. Looked good, but he had no chrome what so ever except the wheels that were aluminum, not really polished out.
Tough looking truck, But he was a arsehole. Tried to give him some info about the club and he threw his hands up and said he does not mess with " THAT INTERNET B.S."
Well that is his loss, complete Arse, guess he thinks he has the baddest AV around. NOT, he needs to get a reality check and see some that are on here with the lifts........BIG HEAD people just annoy me.....
Waiting to see him on the road, preferrably at a red light >:D >:D >:D and show him what the LOF looks like
Johnny_D said:
One more option to consider, Owens NerfII bars, you can order them painted to match the color of your truck. ?They have them for the AV and Summit carries them. ?Here is there link:


I put them on the new hemi and like them very much.

Those are fantastic. I like the fact that you can havethem painted to match the color you want. I know the Westin ovals came in the Avalanche 2002 Cladding color. I am not to happy with the mounting technigue of the Owens. I would rather they mount to the frame than the body. Just my preference. Torque those babies down and they'll never sqeak.
Yeah, I had to re-engineer the brackets for the body to make them plum. But when I got done the Owens steps now have less flex than my factory steps had on my 02 AV.

No problem with ground clearance
Got 10"
I modified the Westin brackets to give me 2.5" higher clearance and tilt the bar our a little to keep the top below the grille
and tweaked the torsion bars a little