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Who has my AMBER puddle light???


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Feb 23, 2006
I'm back!
:idiot:? :idiot:? :idiot:? :idiot:? :idiot:

I know, I know, jokes on me. It's probably been a while since SOMEONE change my Amber puddle light for a clear one.? :beating:

Well trying to show off my light and glows last night to realize that the driver size puddle light was NOT AMBER anymore.? ???? So you can all laugh because I figured it's probably been at least 6 to 8 weeks since it happen. Very Funny!!!? :needhug:

Got the feeling that there is a "DAVE" or two involve.? :cuss: So can I have it back before I head to Florida? Hate to show of my light and look ridiculous. We had a good laugh about it last night.

Can't wait to hear all the details on that one........be prepare for revenge >:D

leave it to a Newfie, to take away from a fellow Canadian..  >:D
EricB said:

I remember seeing it in Helen though.? Hopefully nobody swallowed it. :eek:

I'm not sure it was Amber on the driver side. If it is a joke from a member, it has to be before then....  ???
Moddess said:
I'm not sure it was Amber on the driver side. If it is a joke from a member, it has to be before then....? ???

Oh.  I remember seeing the passenger side.  Still, I don't have it.  Wouldn't know how to take it out anyway.
EricB said:

I remember seeing it in Helen though. Hopefully nobody swallowed it. :eek:

You talking about your favorite bird, again, Eric?
    Hey! Talk to your son He's the one that installed that one! Regardless I emailed you the info to peplace it. I suggest you get spares! The one I put in is still there  >:D Please note for the record... I am in Baltimore It was not me. But I am going home on Wednedsay Afternoon :D Perhaps I will schedule an appointment now to steal that other one. No worries though I'll replace it with a matching white one :eek:
Are there pics somewhere of where you open up the puddle lamp cover to change them and what are the bulb part numbers to change color?
? ? GO to http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-...ct=CAR&keywords=&cart_id=2199735.1012&next=50
? ? Scroll to the bottom till you see this...
4410 LED Festoon bulb
44x10mm (1.732 inches long)12 VDC Festoon Base Bulb with 9 LEDS

Then change the color ?to whatever you like. You will need 5 of them to change out all of your Interior lights EXCLUDING YOUR MAP LIGHTS, VISOR LIGHTS AND DOOR LIGHTS

? ? To change out your Interior lights you will need 2 or 4 depending on how many door lights you have of this...
WLED 5-LED Wide Angle LED bulb
12 VDC 5-LED Wedge Base bulb (194/168 type)
Super Wide Viewing Angle bulb uses 4 radially mounted LEDs aiming out the sides and one High Flux LED on top
Non Polarized

? ? You will need 2 wedge type bulbs for the map lights Use either...
921-x12 Wedge Base LED bulb
921 Type with 12 LEDs, replaces 194/168/912 wedge base car bulbs
Wide 75 degree beam pattern, non-polarized
measures 1.20 inch long by 0.60 inch diameter

T13 Wedge Base LED bulb
12VDC 6-LED Wedge Base bulb
measure 1 1/8 long by 1/2 inch maximum diameter (194/168 type)
Available in White, Blue, Green, Red, Amber and UV-BlackLight LED
? ? If you want it to fit right in. But it's a little dim.

Happy hunting.
    Ohhh EricB I forgot you need a flathead, and a small philips bit to do your puddle lights. You use the flatheat to pry open, and release the light from the mirror, and the philips to upen the case the light bulb is in. It is a VERY easy job.\JB