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Who really has 285/70/17 REVO?s on their Z71 and stock rims?


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Aug 23, 2004
Did you make suspension modifications?? What issues have you had on-road and off-road??

Okay, I have searched the forum and found some threads that discuss this topic, but I am unsure they will work without rubbing, or adding a lift.

Why am I asking?? Here?s why... I was going to get the REVOs in my stock tire size (265/70/17) at my local Firestone because they are having a Buy 3, Get 1 Free deal ($710 bottom line total with road hazard, taxes, etc.).? They called back saying that size was on backorder, so I asked about the 285/70/17's, they said they could get those for me today.? Which they did.?

But, when I got there and asked them to put them next to my stock tires, they definitely looked way too big for the front without rubbing.? So, I backed out of getting those installed.? The dealer said he would honor the sale on the 265/70/17's when they come in.? So that?s good.

I sure would like to see a little bigger tire on my Avalanche, but I don?t want other problems.?
Bump - interested in the same thing:

Who has 285/70/17 REVO?s on their Z71 and stock rims?
Just installed the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revos in 285/70/17 on my stock 2003 Z-71.

Only 20 miles on them so far, but no rubbing encountered.

Huge improvement in wet traction over the stock Goodyear Wrangler ATS (265/70/17).

More details to follow as I log more miles.? Pics to follow - it's dark and raining!

Paid $160 per tire using a price match.

So for 4 tires, mount, balance, 4-wheel alignment, new valve stems, life time rotation, lifetime balance, road hazard protection it was $847.

I think I got a great deal!
i have the nitto terra grapplers in a 285/65/18. just a tad bit smaller than the 285/70/17. i didn't have any rubbing but i still did a leveling kit because i like the extra room in the wheel wells .here are the specs. Totals are in inches Tire 1 Tire 2 Difference
                          285/70  285/65
Sidewall Height:? ? 7.85      7.29        -.56 diff
Section Width:? ?  11.22    11.22        .0
Overall Diameter:? 32.71?  32.59      -.12 diff
Circumference:? ?  102.76  102.37  -.39 diff
Revs per mile:? ?  635.89    638.23    2.34 diff