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Who Will Copy Midgate First Poll Closed


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Well, I've closed the poll out early because the folks at Subaru have already thrown the glove down and come out with their own midgate. Coming soon this summer you can buy a Subaru with a midgate that will convert it into a 7-1/2 foot bed. Not bad for an Outback chassis. Yet somehow I imagine that load and towing capacity just won't match up.

Who do you think will be first to copy the Avalanche midgate?

Ford: 60.00%

Toyota: 9.09%

Subaru: 7.27%

Nissan: 7.27%

Dodge: 7.27%

Jeep: 3.64%

Isuzu: 3.64%

No one: 1.82%

Other: 0.00%

Mazda: 0.00%

Total Votes: 55