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Who's Your Daddy????

oh yeah! totally... like this one time when my friend and i were driving on this road through a town right? and we stopped and then left and the guy was like way cool. you know... oh wait what was this topic about again? ;)

Dude, the Av is like gnarly, man. Yesterday I was jus' chillin' with the homeboys and we decided to blow out of town on a road trip. The ride was really really awesome, like unbelievably rad.

Not only does it make you more "cool" but it does wonders for your ego.... ;D :B:
Everytime I come home and go through the housing plan.. all the little kids stop playing Basketball, stop riding their bikes, etc...and watch in wonderment as my AV rolls past them... (Sometimes their parents do this too....) Very cool feeling >:D
I teach in an urban school district in northern NJ. Today I went outside during the 4th and 5th grade recess. One of the girls came up to me and said " Nice Escalade, Mr. K." I replied " It's not an Escalade, it's an Avalanche". She asked "What's that?" I answered ( smiling on the inside ) " It's better......"
Image is everything.

I was at a car wash in the San Bernardino area, hosing off the grime in the bed, and the owners of a tricked out '69 Impala Low rider all of a sudden became my friends, and started asking all kinds of questions....they even compared it to the Escalade EXT....."the Avalanche is WAY smoother!"... >:D
Hey my Daddy is dead. (he is but only joking) guess I'm showing my age - got 4 kids 2 teens who wanna drive it and 2 younger than 10 who just want in it. Guess they think it's cool. Son cant wait for tent to go camping. Mom says gotta wait on tent spent too much on mods already, ( am having withdrawls) :6:
I'm 48 with three teens between 17-19. To be considered "cool" now really sez something.

P.S. - No, they still can't drive it!

WHO'S YOUR DADDY????????????