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Yellow Avs With Clad Question


Full Member
Feb 23, 2003
Jim Thorpe,Pa.
Went to look at yellow av today with clad.Wanted to know from other owners do you see a noticeable gap between the front fender and door?It really bothered me that I could see so much yellow and the door hinges showing through between the cladding,when looking at it from the side.I was ready to buy, then when I seen this I walked away.
Well, I don't have a yellow one but a red one.

This is common..

I can see a little red from the rear of the front door.

I have seen this on other AVs as the cladding doesn't wrap around the door and fender edges.

More noticable on the red, SOM and yellow AV than the blue or black ones

ACE Z71 said:
Went to look at yellow av today with clad.

FYI, James Chevrolet in the West Chester area had a yellow one still, as of last week. I mention this, just in case the one you found gets sold.
I got two deals working right now,I don't mind seeing the paint on the door edges but can't stand seeing the door hinges all the way to the inner fender..I might start looking at the blue ones.Thanks for the tip that stickers for 41,ooo at James,I have 2 others lined up for 32,ooo total out the door price.