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Yet another Gatorback Question...


SM 2007
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Oct 23, 2006
Southeast Texas
After reading a bunch of posts about Gatorbacking, I couldn't find one that really answered my question.  So here goes...

Ive got an 06 cladded Av that was bought in May 06.  I received it in Dec 06 and now it "lives" here in Texas.  My dad never had a "cladding fade" issue while in MT.  He was using Turtle Wax Ice on the cladding.  Now since the truck down here in Hot & Humid Texas, there is some minor issues with cladding fade/spotting.  After reading a few posts about the Mr Clean Autowash system and car washes w/wax in them, I quit using them on the Ava.  Still, when the truck is dirty, the cladding appears spotted/faded in areas.  You can really see a difference between the sides of the storage box and the tops.  The issue goes away once it is clean and Ice is reapplied.  One issue I hate with the Ice is the front bumper.  Even if I apply it per instructions, it still streaks on the sides when going through rain.

So, I guess my question is should I persue getting Gatorback now or wait until it is worse.  I know that it is a know issue but I feel I might have a hard time convincing my dealership of the problem if I don't have the dreaded zebra strips or the ash gray color. 

Oh yea, it has 'bout 30k on it now, actual milage (OnStar diagnostics reports it as 10K  however).  Cluster was changed by Dad when it had around 20k on it.  Since the truck has never been to the dealership since it was new (i.e. no recorded milage), does GM think it has 30k or 10k??
I would try to go ahead and get it done.  When it is out of warranty, it will just be harder after warranty is up.  What I use to do before Gatorback is apply Turtle Wax Tire Wax.  It left an awesome shine and water beaded up on the panels nice.  The only drawbacks were when it rained or the dreaded dew in the morning, the stuff would streak down the side.  If you have any problems with the dealer, contact the CAFCNA member DougD.
I Checked with JK this past friday and still dont have any gatorback in to do mine.  Try going and talking to Chris in the body shop.  Go before warrany expires.  The only question on mine was how many miles.  Maybe if somebody else is waiting then they will get the gatorback in stock.