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You Know What Would Be A Good Improvement...?


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Feb 10, 2002
Los Angeles, ?CA
If they make the midgate with a 40/60 (or 33/66) split, so that you could seat one person in the back and still have some 2 x 4s or a ladder coming through the midgate while the back cover is on and the tailgate is shut while driving in the rain... or take the back covers off on a sunny day, leave the window on and have your dog be able to go back and forth between the cab and the bed while your kid is buckled up in the back seat. The extra 2 minutes for conversion would be worth it. :cool:

Interesting idea - very functional - wonder if this takes the "dreaded leak" problem to a whole new level? ;D
I like it - takes a handy feature available on many small cars to a whole new level! I've often had a child in the back and the other side of the back seat folded down in my Saturn for carrying longish stuff.

But Gandolphxx may be right - oh the leak potential !!
I thought about this too and my idea was to leave the midgate pretty much as it is designed in regard to folding and latching, but have two "ports" (one small, one large) within the midgate panel itself. The port covers would attach via a simple latching mechanism from the inside.

Two possible problems though:
1) Would this compromise the strength of the midgate?
B) Cargo entering the cab from the bed would have to rest on the port "lip".
I think the "pet door" would be just a bit smaller than the midgate, and would be divided into the 60/40...

I can't imagine any leak potential that isn't already there. The whole "T" bar, midgate feature is a difficult thing to engineer so it doesn't leak, and I think that GM did an excellent job...so much so, that Subaru is copying the whole Av look/functionality in one of thier 2003 models.
gandolphxx said:
Almost sounds like a large pet door - the flap kind? :eek:
Very good anology which draws attention to another flaw in my idea. How would you latch the door (flap) from the inside? The mechanism would have to be flat so you could still store the back window in the midgate. :(
I know I've read about an AV owner making his midgate removable and storing it in the storage case for the bed covers.

Seems like a great idea, if it wouldn't compromise the body or frame strength.
well heck, I guess I should have read more before I posted this in the Bed/tailgate thread. Great minds think alike. Having to open the entire mid-gate has been my only major complaint with AV#1.