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Z-71, SOM With Overhead Lts Like A GMC-I SAW ONE!


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Aug 16, 2002
I had NO idea where to post this BUT I was at the Cleveland Home and Garden Show. Cleveland IX Center West Parking Lot and close to the building was a 2002 Z-71 Sunset Orange Met Avalanche, no other mods other than the following.
Just like on a GMC pick Up- the over cab lights in amber color wer on the truck (Avalanche).
I know some folks have taked about it and maybe done it. But to see it in person!
WOW. It only would have looked better on my truck as the SOM-with the lights had a sun roof?, No lug rack though?
But man was it a nice mod-
I tagged him and hope the flyer did not blow away in the wind we were having.
Even my wife commented at how nice it looked.
Not picking on SOM's- but the contrast on the SOM and th amber lenses was to close- really sharp on red, black, indigo blue or my fav- LPM! >:D >:D
I may lok into this one- I had to share this to you all. Oh, I went and inspected the job, thinking the wires were not "profesionally done" it was a def roof mount job on each light- nice wore job as you could not see anything other than the light itself.

WOW- I am not easily impressed but NICE to whoever did that-

Dave- Sands611
NEO Chapter...


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Mar 15, 2002
Southern Delaware
That's interesting, I'd like to see it. Sounds cool, just as long as it's not a little too redneck, if you know what I mean. I guess it only would if there was also a lift, some big tires, and a confederate flag or something. But, I digress....

How come I never see any "cool" Av's? ??? ??? I only ever see stock Av's and, once in a ever so slight while, EXT's, with nothing at all in the way of mods. But then again, ours also falls into that category.