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Z71 color code


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I have a 2008 Z71 and need to touch up the paint on the silver part on the front bumper.  Anyone know the paint code?


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My avy is blue metallic but the front bumper has the silver center section, wondering what that color code is for the silver.


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I did look around also, is it a different color under the paint or maybe it's a decal. GM does sell the panel but I did not see a paint code.


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I spent a little time googling around for this.  Rather surprising that there doesn't seem to be much info, considering bumpers need touch up all the time.  Even the paint makers don't list it.

It's a silver, but I think it's a bit different than the silver used to paint the full trucks.

I just looked those up here and looked up the years, and according to car dealer pics, the Silver Ice Metallic ('12, '13) looks the closest, but even it's off a bit.

I'm probably just going to paint mine black.


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We just purchased a 07 LTZ Z71 (our first Avalanche though we've had a Tahoe and Suburban) and I'm looking for the same answer. I did find this...in the name it says silver


Now when i googled for the paint code nothing came up but i saw this


I think it looks pretty close but i know it can be different then what is in the can.

(First post) Hope it helps.


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Thought paint codes were in the option codes... But paint code on a 6 -17 year old truck is going to be inaccurate due to fading. You try to paint it to match where you are at today... Knowing that in the future they will fade differently and coloring different no mater what you do.  Some colors show different shades (fade) better than others.

Most paint color providers have spectrometers that can identify the exact color your paint is today and you can match to that.
But again, that area will fade at a different rate then the area around it since it is starting out fresh as a slightly different color. And the fade rate could be different due to using different brand paints etc..