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CAFCNA Magazine May 2002

Protecting The Paint On Your Avalanche

Mark Brustowicz continues his series on keeping your Avalanche clean and looking showroom new for years to come.  Read more now!

Oil Life Monitor Stripped Bare

Some Avalanche owners swear by it while others think it is nothing more than snake oil.  Well read what General Motors has to say about the science behind the Oil Life Monitor.  Read more now!

Who Is That Man Behind The Curtain?

Van Devere may be our site sponsor, but who is the man behind the parts counter?  Read about Dal Slabaugh and get a face to go with the name!  Read more now!

Taking The Perfect Automotive Picture

Getting that perfect picture of any automobile can be a real challenge.  The lighting, the angle, the background!  Ugh!  A reader tries to make sense of it all for us.  Read more now!

Installing A Cargo Area Light Pin Switch

It's an Avalanche owner pet peeve.  You get home, it's dark, it's time to unload the cargo area.  Press the button close the door open the tailgate unload, close the tailgate and remember to push the cargo lamp button again.  There is a better way!  Read more now!

Taking Your Avalanche Off-Road

Chevy Avalanche Fan Club member Boar-Ral goes over the basics of taking your Avalanche off-road.  Read more now!