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Send A Free eCard

Send a free Avalanche eCardIn less than two minutes you can be sending a free eCard to your friends and family.  Our eCard system lets you pick your own image, colors and music.  You can then add your own personalize message.  Go ahead and show your friends and family the truck that you know and love.

Send an eCard Now! 

CAFCNA GM Screensaver

2500 Series 4WD Avalanche, Copyright 2002, General Motors Corporation, All Rights Reserved

We've got to thank General Motors for all of the great Avalanche pictures.  Compatible with Windows 95/98/98Se/Me/2000/NT 4.0 and XP, this special screensaver is available for free.

Download Now!  (2.06 Megs) 

See the Read Me File (5K) 

Write An Avalanche Review

Here's your chance to stand up on your soapbox and let the world know what you think about your Avalanche.  It only takes a few minutes to complete, we don't ask for any personal information, and your review is added to our database instantly.  Write your review Now!   

CAFCNA Reader Ride Screen Saver

Windows 95/98/98Se/Me/2000/NT 4.0 and XP compatible.  Featuring pictures of our members Avalanches.

Download Now!  (23.10 Megs) 

This is the rated "G" version with no Hooters Girls.  Download Now! 

Avalanche Zone Magazine

Avalanche Zone Magazine was created in February of 2002 as a resource for some of the best tips, tricks and ideas from our members.  Only two issues got off the ground but reviving Avalanche Zone is something we are considering for the second half of 2004.  These pages are here as an archive for our members.

March 2002 Now! 

May 2002 Now! 

March 2003 Now! 

Summer 2011 Avalanche Zone Magazine Now! 

Winter 2011 Avalanche Zone Magazine Now!