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02' z71 avalanche

  1. Shylok's

    Am I wrong? 02' Z71 Avalanche CONTROL ARM & BALL JOINT ISSUE

    Today I went in for a front wheel alignment, but had to have the upper ball joint on the driver's side cut off the last mechanic welded it on 😠 so it needed to be replaced in order to align it correctly. Well instead of the mechanic asking me if I wanted a new upper control arm with pushed in...
  2. Shylok's

    02' z71 Avalanche torque specs for axle

    Hi guys I really need some help here. So the last mechanic I had welded on my ball joints and it broke but also put and swapped out my parts cuz they had no rust on them. So I'm like f it I'll do it all myself. Im doing the front CV axles, front rotors, brakes, front struts, inner and outer tie...
  3. A

    RPO Codes 2002-2010 **Listed**

    Can someone "sticky" this to the top? Here is a "mostly" complete list of RPO (Regular Production Options)codes Based on model year.  You can find your "RPO" code list on the inside of your passenger glove box door.  2007 & up lists can be found here: Chevrolet Avalanche Zone 2007-??? This...