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  1. XrelishX

    Fender flares

    Greeting, I am trying to source a right, rear fender flare for my 2006 non clad. I just want something cheap and easy like the ones that came oem. There are just so many places and questions and I am getting a bit spun. I am not much of a car person. Any help with part numbers, a dealer...
  2. B

    Heated Seats not working

    I know there are a ton of threads on this but I'm seeing conflicting information so I am hoping for a straight answer. I have a 2006 Z71 Avalanche that has factory heated seats, they do not work. When pressing either button on either side, the button will only stay lit for a split second, a...
  3. B

    150K maintenance 2006

    I just bought a one owner 2006 with 150K miles and I don't have an owners manual so I was hoping to get everyone's thoughts on what maintenance should be performed at 150K miles. The guy I bought it from seemed to think he'd kept up on all factory maintenance pretty good but would like to do it...