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  1. A

    Rubber bed liner.

    I bought an 08 back in the early fall, and haven't used it much. However, I have noticed that when I try to put something in the bed, like luggage, it won't slide on the rubber bed liner. Has anyone used a different mat, or put something over the existing mat that will allow things to slide? Thanks.
  2. 2

    How many 6.0 avys were produced?

    Would love to know how many 6.0l v8 l76 avalanches are out there and how many for each model year. I can't find this anywhere! I'm a 7th year avalanche owner and my 6.0 is the 3rd one I've had! Thanks in advance!
  3. Kingdom's stock avi

    Kingdom's stock avi

    When I bought it. Do not worry pinstripe and escalade vents are gone!
  4. xKingdom

    Interior Rock Switch location?

    I recently picked up a 2008 chevy avalanche, and while I'm waiting for my plates to come in the mail. I wanted to do some mods, I was planning on adding a lightbar, and I found there is no spot for switches. Does anyone have ideas for a rock switch placement? I can't find many places on the...