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avalanche 2500

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    1500 to 2500 conversion

    would a 8.1 with everything stock and new stock ecu and a 40l80e transmission be a drop in conversion or would there be other things to be replaced? I know the suspension and cooling would probably need to be changed but is there anything else I should worry about?
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    Small cam build on 2500?

    hi yall, I'm really tempted to get a 202 cam from raylar now that I bought a h3t as my second daily I couldn't find any info on other people who have done any performance mods to their 2500 beyond bolt on. I know everyone claims the 4l80/4l85E to be a beefy transmission but will it withstand the...
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    Looking for another Avalanche

    Hey everyone. I love my 2010 LTZ but it is light in the towing and carrying department. I am looking for a 2500 Avalanche 4wd. Please let me know if you see any worth mentioning. I am not looking for a basket case but I am not afraid of a little work to get it up to snuff if the price makes...
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    2002 Avalanche 2500 FONT NEEDED

    I recently found and purchased a 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche with only 71,000 miles on it. Was sitting in a pole barn in Florida. Using it to tow my 2013 Jayco Eagle I am trying to find the Avalanche FONT for those years. I have a designer to do the graphics I just need the font for it...