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    Hello CAFCNA!!!! I'm back again with another code to chase down. P1400-00 This one popped up a couple days of no issues, no CEL. Chasing other codes several days prior, I replaced the Throttle Position Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor, and Air Filter. The throttle body seemed to be in pretty good...
  2. O

    Replacing shoddy aftermarket exhaust job

    I have been hunting down a myriad of issues with my truck which lived a hard life before I got it, and I just reached the troubleshooting step of cutting out the cats thinking they were plugged up. Turns out one was completely empty and the other was the cheapest, smallest thing possible. A more...
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    Got About 6k in for my 05 Avy. Best performance upgrades??

    Back on here after selling my 03 avy 3 years ago and regretted it since. Bought a 05 4X4 couple weeks ago and some lady pulled out in front of me! Long story short I'm cashing out from insurance and going to do all the work myself so I can do what I want to the truck. As for performance...
  4. S

    5.3L gas sound like diesel?

    I would like to make my 2002 avalanche 1500 with a 5.3L v8 sound like a diesel. if anybody's done this what your experience behind it? how could I make it sound diesel?