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fuel pressure

  1. TFjed

    Knock if left to idle after oil change.

    Hello all, So I had no issues like this until after getting my oil changed. About a week afterward I was in my in-laws apt. and left my truck run since it was cold and I was basically in & out. I come out and hear that horrible lifter knock and immediately figure my engine is blown. With little...
  2. dwprog

    Cranks strong but won't always start first time, always on second.

    My '05 Avalanche has started great every single time since I bought it about 6 months ago. I recently had all the brake lines replaced, maybe 2 months ago. Ever since then it would not start on the first try probably 1 of every 2 times, but on the second attempt it always starts and runs fine. I...
  3. Ethanvance

    Fuel pump not working and many more electrical issues on 2004 2500

    my mom bought this 2004 avalanche 2500 with the 8.1L about 10 years ago, about 6-7 years ago it needed work done on the brakes and suspension and she couldn't afford it at the time so she just parked it with only 55k miles. Well now she has decided to give it to me if i can get it running. so...
  4. AvPilot321

    Rough running engine 2007 LTZ

    Hello folks, I'm dealing with a rough running engine in my 2007 5.3L LTZ that is driving me up the wall. The truck has no active, pending, or stored codes to give me an idea where to start. The engine runs really rough at idle, almost like a misfire, and seems to subside some when it warms up...