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  1. Shuttereffect

    Radio upgrade options 2002

    Hi there day 3 of ownership here I’ve got a 2002 z71 with outdated onstar. I’m looking to upgrade the radio with something that supports apple carplay. As I’ve found my truck uses the corporate model radio from GM. I’ve never put a radio in any of my other vehicles so I guessed here would be a...
  2. xKingdom

    2008 Avalanche Footwell lighting?

    Hey all, the money is coming in fast so the mods are coming faster :cheers: I see a bunch of footwell light kits on amazon that plug into a standard cigarette lighter. I dont want the wires running everywhere so I'd like to install them under the dash and have them come on and off with the...
  3. xKingdom

    Interior Rock Switch location?

    I recently picked up a 2008 chevy avalanche, and while I'm waiting for my plates to come in the mail. I wanted to do some mods, I was planning on adding a lightbar, and I found there is no spot for switches. Does anyone have ideas for a rock switch placement? I can't find many places on the...
  4. LjAvtech

    Antenna cable routing thru firewall help

    Appreciate any advice on passing an antenna cable from engine side to inside cabin. I am installing a Ham Radio Antenna so don’t want the cable against the wire bundle passing thru the firewall. looking for suggestions with pictures. Thanks all!!