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  1. T

    New to CAFCNA Central Illinois

    Hope your having a great week!!! Owner of a 2006 Avalanche 2500 LT with about 158k on it. Had it now for almost 5 years. Ill tell ya. It is hard to own another type of truck given the proven versatility of the beast. I ended up driving almost 5 hours away and traded a 2018 Sierra in 2018 for...
  2. D

    Anyone have a copy of the original brochure?

    Looks like the brochure has disappeared. Probably time for a rebirth, and/or modernizing. Anyone have a copy of the original, or mind sharing major content elements of that one-pager. I'm new around here, but enjoying the community so far. Let's turn on some lights and liven the place up...
  3. Theavalanchenoob

    Window won’t hold in place?

    Hey guys, I’m new to being an avalanche, owner, and new to this forum. I love this truck very much and it’s in great shape but when I got home after I bought it, I had a very hard time trying to fold down the mid- gate because the window would not lock into place. Now, the disc latches are still...
  4. ygmn

    New Members Say Hello & Post Here First

    :welcome: Hello and welcome to the club.... :wave: New members please post in here with a little introduction about yourself..... Fill out your signature in your profile and include what year & model Avy or Ext you have so members can better answer any questions you may have. Also if you are...
  5. N

    Hello! I am currently going to be purchasing a 05 Avalanche.

    Here is the link to the one I am going to go look at, please let me know if you see anything wrong with it or if you have any suggestions. https://www.apexcars.net/pre-owned-cars/detail/2005-Chevrolet-Avalanche-1500/734073 Thank you!
  6. 2006


    Just bout. Only 9100.00 mils