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  1. J

    Mounting a Rooftop Tent to the Avalanche

    Looking to mount a rooftop tent to the avalanche to bring cross-country. Would love to try to mount it over the bed using some sort of bed crossbars. Know this will be more difficult as there will need to be some sort of adaptation to be able to mount them to the bed but this would be ideal for...
  2. L

    Yakima Rack on Tonneau Covers

    Hey there everyone, I got an avalanche a little while ago and have found tons of help on this forum from previous posts with all kinds of things, I have been looking at options for adding "overlanding" type equipment to the avalanche, specifically a rooftop tent. I have seen some posts...
  3. Rusin

    Roof rack

    I have a 2007 Avalanche Z71 that has the factory roof rails with no cross bars because the guy who owned the truck before never gave me. Does anyone know what brand roof rack I can get that is good quality? Also, if you have any pictures that would help too.