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  1. F

    Bilstein 5100 vs Rancho RS5000x/RS9000

    Hi, I own a 2003 Z71 Avalanche, it has a 2.5" leveling kit, 33" tires and still has the OEM Rancho 5000 shocks than it came out the factory with and they´re completly worn out. So I want to buy a new set, but I dont know which ones are better Ranchos or Bilsteins, I like the truck to be...
  2. Blaneaustin92

    Upper A arms upgrade

    I have a 2002 Chevy avalanche with a 6inch rough country lift but my control arms are maxed out. I’ve been told I could use 2500 upper control arms also been told I can use Tahoe or suburban upper a arms. I’m wanting to know is that true? And can anyone recommend me to some good upper a arms for...
  3. TFjed

    Two Types of Front Suspension?

    Finally slid under my '05 Avalanche to check things out (now that the rain in Southern MN stopped for a day..) and noted a few things that could use attention. Steering gear box is leaking, think the oil pan gasket is leaking considering the mess and suspension parts are showing wear. I figure...
  4. J

    2006 Av - Coil over shocks? for Towing Sag

    I am new to the 'Club' as of today. Thanks for adding me!! I have a 2006 Z71 4x4. I am towing a travel trailer with empty weight of 5750 lbs. I have added the Airlift 1000 air bags. It still sags some when towing. Are there any coil over shocks available for the 06 Av? Will the coil overs...
  5. C

    Rear axle reinstall

    Repair necessitated removal of my rear axle on our "02 Z71. Jiggling the pumpkin on a floor jack, I reinstalled every bar I'd removed with the nuts fingertight. Went flawlessly...right up until I had no idea the torque settings NOR THE ANGLE. I can raise and lower the axle in a slight arc by...
  6. Newclearwaste

    Z55 (Autoride) Suspension Replacement

    Hello fam! I am a new 2007 Avalanche LTZ owner! (eyyyyyyyy) I have been browsing the forums here, but I haven't found a very direct answer to what I'm looking for. I want to lift my Avalanche (probably a 4 inch lift) but from what I have read the Z55 suspension system that the LTZ models come...