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  1. TFjed

    Knock if left to idle after oil change.

    Hello all, So I had no issues like this until after getting my oil changed. About a week afterward I was in my in-laws apt. and left my truck run since it was cold and I was basically in & out. I come out and hear that horrible lifter knock and immediately figure my engine is blown. With little...
  2. J

    P0304 won't clear..looking for help before having to pull the head

    Hi. I've got a 03 1500 Z71 with a Vortex 5.3lt V8 with a P0304 code that I can't clear. Its only got 16000 on the motor and this code just appeared during this virus situation so the truck really hasn't been driven in the last 8 months. Maybe 100 miles this year... I brought it to my mechanic as...