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water leak

  1. B

    Leaking from midgate 03 Northface Edition

    Hello Avalanche gang💪🏽. I have a 2003 Avalanche with cladding and everytime it rains or I get a carwash there is water coming into the back bed. It leaks from the rear tailgate area and the midgate area. I changed the back panels too truckxedo roll up cover and it's leaking alot less but still...
  2. R

    Rain water leaking inside cabin from high 2013

    2013 Avalanche 2WD (probably same issue that a Tahoe and Suburban could have). Short story: Rainwater on the floorboard while parked during a rain storm. Problem was the driver side sunroof drain hose had separated from the fitting. Took off the sunvisor and got between the headliner and roof...
  3. DaManJosh

    Carpets Wet? Fogged Windows? Bad Smell?

    (Skip the first 2 paragraph if you don't care about my story) When I first got my VERY used 2002 Chevy Avalanche 2500, I didn't know what kind of a water mess I was getting into. When I finally drove it up from Grants Pass, OR. I was ecstatic. It is the beastliest truck ever and I got an...