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  1. M

    Bad suspension components with no Service light. WHY?

    2007 avalanche LTZ with Z55 . I have many questions and have been searching the forums. There are links to threads that lead to dead pages related to Z55/autoride, can someone provide a working link please - to one of the older articles that can teach me all i need to know? but... Why would my...
  2. Newclearwaste

    Z55 (Autoride) Suspension Replacement

    Hello fam! I am a new 2007 Avalanche LTZ owner! (eyyyyyyyy) I have been browsing the forums here, but I haven't found a very direct answer to what I'm looking for. I want to lift my Avalanche (probably a 4 inch lift) but from what I have read the Z55 suspension system that the LTZ models come...