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2022 Avalanche has arrived

Great, it can someday tow 20K lbs, but for how far, 150 miles?
I wouldn't be comfortable camping in Michigan's UP with no hookups and only having a 1/4 charge left after getting there, then not having any charging stations within a 100 miles to get that charge for the trip home. Just added many wasted hours (or a day) to my travel time. Nice truck but no thanks. I would also terribly miss the sound of the engine working as we powered up a hill!
I love seeing the pics of electric trucks towing a trailer and they are stuck on the side of the road burning fossil fuel in a generator to recharge their battery. So Lame!! :badidea:
I wonder if you can charge the batteries while driving, if so, you could put a small generator in the bed and plug it in to help extend the range. A 4500 watt generator will run all day on 5 gal of gas with a 50 percent load.. They should also have solar panels built into the hood, cab and bed covers to aid in daytime charging.. An optional generator in the bed or frunk with a port that ties into the charging circuit that can charge while driving, sitting at a dinner while having a meal or overnight at a hotel while you sleep.. That's how they should be building these electric trucks to make them more flexible, then you could go camping hit the trails for a little off roading or tow a camper/boat without the worry of getting stranded... JMHO..
You could bring solar panels with you if you were camping and just trickle charge it... If you are pulling an RV you could potentially put a large battery pack in it that gets charged before you go somewhere and have it charge the truck while driving.... Kinda similar to having a generator... lol
I just want to get my old 07 back. If I ever do I will keep it and drive it till my wheels fall off..

Don't need a new Av at all. GM will bring out nothing but coal fired crap until reality forces them to do different.

My 2016 Ram is my last ever new truck, and its not going anywhere except where I drive it.
I am on the list to get one next year...I know it is electric, but I love the body style. It will look great sitting next to my 2010 Avalanche in the driveway. I will use my 2010 for hauling my travel trailer, though. I am not going to be stopping every 50 miles to put a dang charge on my EV. LOL
I like the concept the possibility of a 20k tow package but wonder how much it lowers the range also, I dislike the rims. Plus who can repair an EV? I'm pretty sure it isn't using a socket set and some wrenches. Lol
Would I buy one, not for the prices they're going to go for.
I'll stick with my 02 gas guzzler because I know her well enough to maintain her.