Operating the Avalanche Midgate

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You can open the Midgate with the rear glass in place to create a cargo area that will hold a 4x8 sheet of dry wall or plywood in a weather-resistant area.

To maximize the available cargo space, however, you will want to remove the rear glass panel.

You should never remove the rear glass panel when the vehicle's rear defroster is "On." This may cause a discharge spark from the latch area. Always be sure the rear defroster is turned "Off" before removing the rear glass panel.

To remove the rear glass panel, first fold down the rear seats completely. It may also be necessary to slide the front seats forward to ensure that you can fold the rear seats down completely.

Although the rear glass panel can be removed without folding the rear seats down, you will not be able to access the rear glass storage pocket.

Improper storage of the removable rear glass panel could result in injury to passengers during sudden maneuvers or as a result of a crash.

After you have folded down the rear seats, squeeze and pull down the two latch levers located near the upper corners of the rear glass panel.

Once the latch levers are unlatched, the spring-loaded, wedge-shaped glass-catch will catch the glass to prevent it from falling forward. The glass catch is located a few inches to the right of center on the top of the glass frame.

After you have unlatched both levers, press the glass-catch release button with one hand while gently holding the rear glass panel in place with your other hand

Next, using the two grab handles at the top of the glass... ... Tilt the top of the glass toward you and then lift it out from the lower window frame channel then slide the glass panel into the storage pocket located on the back of the Midgate panel using the lower edge of the glass to guide it behind the three glass retaining tabs.

Holding the glass flat against the storage pocket with the grab handles facing you.....Turn both glass lock knobs to the locked position. You may need to push the corner of the glass gently to enable the lock mechanism to engage. Once both lock knobs are in the locked position your rear glass panel is securely stored.

Next push both latch levers up into the locked position. You should hear a click as each lever locks. You can now return your rear and front seats to your preferred position.

Remember, the Midgate panel on your Chevy Avalanche can be lowered with the rear glass panel in its normal position or with the rear glass panel removed and stowed in the storage pocket.

To lower the Midgate panel, first fold down the rear seats. As with removing the rear glass panel, you may have to move the front seat slightly to allow the rear seats to fold completely.

If the rear glass panel is in its normal position, stand outside the vehicle and place one hand against the Midgate so it doesn't fall forward unexpectedly.

Turn the Midgate handle on the center of the cross bar clockwise and pull the Midgate panel toward you.
If the rear glass panel is stored in its pocket, stand outside the vehicle and place one hand against the crossbar so the Midgate doesn't fall.

Now, turn the Midgate handle clockwise and firmly hold the Midgate panel as you lower it down onto the folded seat.
Note that the Midgate panel with the rear glass stowed and the cross bar attached is significantly heavier than just the Midgate panel alone.

Your Chevy Avalanche is now in the fully opened state to provide the maximum cargo-carrying capability
To put the Midgate back into the up position, simply lift it up and firmly push it back into its upright position.
To reinstall the rear glass panel, just squeeze and pull down the latch levers then, while holding the glass in place with one hand, turn the glass lock knobs to the unlock position.

Using the grab handles, pull the rear glass panel out of the storage pocket.

Then, with the rear glass tilted at an angle, place the bottom of the glass panel into the lower channel of the window frame.
Be sure you align the rear glass panel side-to-side by using the alignment arrows, which are located on the bottom center of the rear glass panel and the glass frame

Next, push the rear glass panel against the window frame while applying firm downward pressure. Use the grab handles at the top of the glass to assist you.

Using one hand to push the rear glass panel flat against the window frame, push each of the latch levers up using your free hand until it locks correctly.