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  1. rblainey87

    Aftermarket hoods?

    First time poster so don't roast me for me putting this in the wrong spot but I'm looking for this hood, I've searched everywhere. If not this hood maybe you guys have another one i could think about.
  2. O

    Replacing shoddy aftermarket exhaust job

    I have been hunting down a myriad of issues with my truck which lived a hard life before I got it, and I just reached the troubleshooting step of cutting out the cats thinking they were plugged up. Turns out one was completely empty and the other was the cheapest, smallest thing possible. A more...
  3. W

    New head unit with bose set up

    2007 Chev avalanche LTZ BOSE factory sound system Hey everyone. As simple as it sounds. I would like to put in a new head unit while utilizing the bose amp and speakers. From what research I've done people haven't had much luck using the amp and have had to bypass it. If it's as simple as...