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  1. F

    07 charging problem and other issue. Please help!!

    About a year ago I purchased an 07 avalanche. I love the truck but two months after purchase it developed the common lifter tick. I got very loud very quickly. I bought a $1700 high performance lifter kit and had a mechanic install and do the dod delete (i think thats what it’s called) stops it...
  2. JLM09LTZ

    Help!! ECM???

    So to start, I have a 2009 Avalanche LTZ 5.3 LMG with a little over 235k on it. On Thursday 10/28, I drove across town to spend time with my daughter. On the way there, I stopped at two different grocery stores. When I came out, both times, the truck started and ran fine. Got to my daughters...
  3. Ethanvance

    Fuel pump not working and many more electrical issues on 2004 2500

    my mom bought this 2004 avalanche 2500 with the 8.1L about 10 years ago, about 6-7 years ago it needed work done on the brakes and suspension and she couldn't afford it at the time so she just parked it with only 55k miles. Well now she has decided to give it to me if i can get it running. so...