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  1. N

    2002 Chevy Avalanche headlights sometimes don't function but other times randomly do.

    I have a 2002 Chevy avalanche 1500 and sometimes on matter what I do at night only the brights come on and other times I cant get the brights on and only the ordinary ones will come on in place of them, is there an easy way to solve this? whats the problem?
  2. N

    Hello from Norway! Can anyone help me find headlights like this (for Avy with body cladding) and shipping alternatives to Norway?

  3. Rash

    My headlight control is not responding

    Hi everyone I would like to tell you all about one disturbing feature in my 2011 avalanche, since I bought it 5 years ago I can’t control or switch my headlights when shifting the gear shifter to R or N or D . It just stays on until I shift back to P then I can turn it off , otherwise it stays...
  4. T

    Suggestions plz Entertainment console/headlight assembly

    I just purchased a 2010 LTZ, runs great has a few things needing attention. Headlights very faded, repair kit didn’t work so new assembly suggestions needed. Also suggestions for an upgrade in entertainment console, preferably ones that have Sirius XM capabilities and can keep the steering...
  5. xKingdom

    Amber Reflector Delete

    Hey y’all, I have an all blacked out avy. I’m looking to remove the orange reflectors in my headlights and replace them with a clear one or just remove them completely. Has anyone done this? If so do I have to reseal the headlights?