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key fob

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    Key Fob/ Relearn won’t work

    2007 Z71 relearn won’t program. Key fobs won’t register to the vehicle either. I’m stuck using the key to lock and unlock the vehicle. I’m a sucker for remote start. History leading up to the issue: The vehicle was involved in a low speed head on in December 2022. The vehicle needed cosmetic...
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    New LED HEADLIGHTS Will not Flash-

    This may have been answered here but I really couldn’t find an exact answer or thread anywhere online but I had upgraded my headlights/high beam stock halogen bulbs with LEDs & I really miss that the lights would flash up when I’d remote unlock with the key fob but now it doesn’t do that. I...
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    Keyless entry not working

    I have a 2002 Avalanche. My keyless entry has slowly degraded overtime until it completely stopped working. I started having intermittent issues only during cold weather where it would periodically work. Sometimes it would only unlock the passenger side. I replaced the batteries in both key...