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  1. C

    Mid gate, weatherstrip

    Is the mid gate weather stripping just regular weather stripping? Like could I just purchase new standard weatherstripping and replace the Midgate weatherstripping? Thanks for any input!
  2. Theavalanchenoob

    Window won’t hold in place?

    Hey guys, I’m new to being an avalanche, owner, and new to this forum. I love this truck very much and it’s in great shape but when I got home after I bought it, I had a very hard time trying to fold down the mid- gate because the window would not lock into place. Now, the disc latches are still...

    Operating the Avalanche Midgate 2021-04-25

    A How-To Guide to Operating the Avalanche's Midgate System
  4. M

    Midgate not lowering

    I tried to lower my midgate on my new and used 2007 Avalanche. No problem folding seats and locating the black midgate latch in the middle When rotating the latch it makes a clicking sound. I cannot get the midgate to lower and separate from the window. I want to lower and keep the glass in...
  5. D

    Identify this midgate seal?

    I just purchased an avalanche and am going through seals/moldings to see what should be serviced or replaced. I came across a shiny seal. Can anyone identify what this part is? It is in the midgate and is shredding apart. I've tried searching on gmparts and I couldn't locate it. Perhaps it was...