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  1. D

    Mod cheat sheet

    Sorry, I just can't find something like this as I search through the forum. Is there a forum/thread/other that is has a listing of 'top' or popular mods?
  2. xKingdom

    08 Avalanche go fast parts - CAM, DOD delete kits?

    Hey guys I got a bit of a lifter tick today, I have no desire to get my lifters repaired so I’d like to delete them completely. Does anyone have any recommendations for what cam/kit I should buy? What other mods can I do? I’d like to make it as fast and powerful as I can for being a tank. And...
  3. xKingdom

    450HP Avalanche

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for parts or recommendations to get my 08 lanche to 450hp. From what I’ve read online it makes 305-315 now, jus looking to have a bit more under the hood because of my 33x12.5s haha. Could I achieve this power with a cam and afm delete lifters, new heads, intake, and...