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no power

  1. M

    No power in truck after attempting jump start.

    Hello everyone, I am relatively new to the site, but I have loved chevys for a very long time. My dad worked 31 years for GM at the central foundry in Defiance, OH. Having said that, let me explain my troubles with my 02 Avalanche. On Saturday Feb 5, I went out to start my truck. A very close...
  2. Hoknok

    2002 new radio head installed, I had power but not anymore after wires crossed and sparked.

    After installing new aftermarket Radio head into 2002 Avy, and succefully bypassing the amp…. And getting all four new speakers working… I was finally wiring my backup camera up in the head unit. As I did, one of the RCA connectors crossed over the power wire on the harness and sparked. Ever...