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0% Financiing



Does anyone know or think that Chevy will offer 0% financing for 60 months on the 2003 Av in the very very near future. I came close to buying a 2002 but because it did not have the LATCH system (and with a baby on the way) I had to pass. Whats your thought on the subject.
Personally I think this has to end sometime soon. I know the economy hasn't recovered yet, but all this special financing is killing the used car market, and hurting the Mfg's in the long run.

Should you buy now or wait?
It's a gamble... :cautious:
I would buy now.

You might want to check out the % on the e-loans that are available, and then take the rebates from the dealer.
Generally you can save 2% or so getting a loan from an E-bank than from a local.
Just an FYI
When I was financing, before any of the deals started (pre-9/11) I had the best credit rating possible, and the best loan I could get locally was 7%.
Compared to 5% which was available online.
Hold out a little longer, brother. GM is not having a lot of luck with their current promotion, so more deals could be on the way.

I got my AV one month ago and I used a home equity line of credit. Took the cash back ($2000.00 at the time) as well as getting dealer invoice. I also get the tax benefit from the home equity loan.

Total savings without the tax benefit being applied and I saved about 7500.00 ;D ;D

Has anyone heard about whether or not GM will be extending the current financing? My wife is thinking about a Tahoe. Yes, I tried to get her into an Av, she wouldn't go for it. She sees how I park out in the middle of nowhere.
The LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system was added in the 2003's. This new system allows you to use this new system to mount cars seats quicker and easier making the process safer. A short essay on the LATCH system

A new anchor system could make it a snap for parents to install car seats for children without using seat belts.
By Sept. 1, a standardized child safety seat attachment system known as LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) will be required in almost all new vehicles,
and most new car seats will be required to have LATCH attachments. Families whose vehicles do not have LATCH anchors and/or who own car seats without LATCH attachments still can use their current car seat if it is installed securely using the vehicle seat belt system.
The new LATCH universal child restraint system features two lower anchorages and one upper tether anchorage that can: stabilize child car seats better; reduce the potential for head injury because of its top tether (strap); and reduce the number of car seats installed and used incorrectly.
Top-tether anchors have been required for most new vehicles and forward-facing car seats since September 1999. The lower LATCH anchors are being built into new
vehicles for model years 2000 to 2003, with Sept. 1, 2002, marking the deadline for new passenger vehicles and car seats to be equipped with the LATCH system. Booster seats are not included in the mandate.
LATCH is not necessarily safer than using a seat belt to install a car seat; the LATCH system simply makes it easier and faster to achieve a proper installation and to make the process more universal among car seats and vehicles.
Currently, about 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly. ?That is why we are particularly encouraging people who don?t have the LATCH car or seat to get their child safety seats inspected,? said Sandy Sinclair, liaison from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention.
To locate a seat-inspection facility, contact (866) SEAT CHECK (866-732-8243) or www.seatcheck.org. LATCH car seats, which cost an estimated $10 to $30 more than traditional models, also work with seat belts. In addition, a retrofit kit ($20 to $25) will allow use of a traditional car seat with the car anchors in a new LATCH-equipped car. Still, some combinations of LATCH car seats and vehicles may not work well together. If
that happens, parents should use the seat belts for installation if it is more secure. Although it could be 15 to 20 years before the LATCH system is completely phased in, NHTSA estimates the system could save up to 50 lives a year and prevent as many as 3,000 injuries.
For more information on LATCH, access the NHTSA Web site at www.nhtsa.gov. Or check out Car Safety Seats: A Guide for Families 2002 and related articles on the AAP
Web site at www.aap.org (click on Advocacy, then Child Passenger Safety).

Sorry for the long story, hope this helps.

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I have 2 car seats in the back of my AV also. I have a 2003. What doesn't the 2002 have? Is it the chrome clips that come out where the top and bottom cushions meet? Or the eyelets that are behind the seat near the floor? Or both?
It is the chrome clips that come out where the top and bottom cushions meet. The eyelets that are behind the seat near the floor are the anchors
Oh, ok. I didn't realize that the 02's didn't have the chrome pieces. I know the laws changed recently as previously written in this post. I feel alot safer having the car seats in the AV instead of my Cavalier.
"We just received notice that the 0% financing and huge rebates that are scheduled until midnight today WILL NOT BE RENEWED, and they told our general manager that it is not being brought back ... period! This is your last chance to save THOUANDS!

We will be open this evening until the last customer is served ... midnight or later if necessary!"

FYI, The above message was in my mail this morning from a local Chevy Dealer. Maybe true? Maybe Sales hype.
Durwin said:
Has anyone heard about whether or not GM will be extending the current financing? My wife is thinking about a Tahoe. ?Yes, I tried to get her into an Av, she wouldn't go for it. She sees how I park out in the middle of nowhere.
Don't feel bad...my wife isn't tremendously fond of the Av either...but it has grown on her over time...and she tends to poke fun at me too....the guy in lot 20 all by himself.... ;D :B:
0% and $3,000 cash back are staying until 2/28/03.

Just heard this on CNN Financial News as an Official GM Announcement. I hope it extends to the Av still, as I am going to buy mine within the next two weeks!