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02 Cladding Color - Need Help


Full Member
May 17, 2002
I have been looking around to find out the exact color of the cladding on the 02. I have a mod on the way that might not be an exact match and I might need to use plastic paint to coat it so it matches the cladding.

Doea anyone have insight as to the exact color and a bonus would be where I could get this color of paint in a spray plastic paint.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
'02 Cladding Gray Paint Code is WA-500F.
I have been looking around and found the following info

http://www.semproducts.com/ has a product # 39583 that is a bumper coating that matches the AV cladding color. This can be applied to the cladding. So if you have damaged cladding that needs a touch up, this might be what you are looking for. :)

While I was at the store picking up this product, I shot a little on my front bumper which is dirty - doesn't matter since it is going in the dumpster next week.

The color match appears to this layman to be perfect. It also appeared that way to the shop owner who only deals in automotive paint.

If you get a scratch or other damage to your cladding, this is the product to use to make it look new again.

I will try and get a pic - it got real cloudy on my way home, so it wouldn't be a good pic.
Thanks Blueruck,

I haven't had to paint or repair the cladding yet, but I'll file this in my good things to know file for future reference.