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03 AV Tire Vibration?


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May 25, 2003
Sheppard AFB TX
My 03 AV vibrates through the steering wheel @ speeds over 65, the dealer rebalanced the tires but still does it will it work its way out or should I take back? Also at about 10mph I get a weird rub feel through pedels dealer claims ABS system check, only does it after start up, any thoughts?
ABS does not do a rub check, I have never had either problem with my 03. I would go back to place that balanced wheels. May be the rims or tires themselves. IMO. :rolleyes:
You may hava a tire out of round. Balancing won't fix this. Goodyears seem to do this a lot. When I got my 03 I made the dealer buy the tires back and I put my own on.

My .02
what kind of tires do you have? mine does this and i have suv pathfinders from discount tires. they keep rebalincing the tires but i continues to do it after a few miles. i would not recomend geting these tires i am going tommorow to get michelin ltx's these will ride great. they are the same tires that i just put on my H2 and my wifes avalanche
I have an 02

all 4 tires experienced separation of the outer most belt...

sorry to tell you this... but you have to convince the missus that you NEED new tires and wheels. May I suggest 18's or 20s ;D
I dont think she would go for that even though she claims it is her ride.I did drive an 02 with 21k miles and same tires and rode the same way.