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'03 LPM 2500 And Other '03 Colours



I know this is old news for most of you, but nonetheless, here's a pic of an '03 LPM 2500.

Personally, I prefer the 02 LPM with the lighter colour cladding. I like the Arrival Blue (I know that most like the Indigo Blue better). My JGC is Patriot Blue, which is roughly the same as Indigo Blue. I prefer the brighter Arrival Blue.

For me, it's down to Arrival Blue and Onyx Black. I need to decide before tomorrow, which is when I am ordering my 03 2500.

Any comments?

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WOW is that snow I see? where are you from I am in La Grande and we have had snow in the air but it has not stuck to the ground yet(key word yet last night it got down to 20 degrees F)
I personaly like the LPM on the 03's better but I love the darker cladding too.... It depends how much you want to wash your AV if you don't want to do it too often get the Arrival Blue but if you want to wash it alot get Onyx Black...personaly if I were buying I would get the Onyx Black because I just like how it looks with the darker cladding I have a white one and I wash it all the time any way.
Here is a pic of a black 1500 Z71


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I'm from Calgary, Alberta. The pic of the LPM 2500 was taken today through a crack in a chained security fence (the dealership was closed, it being Sunday). That is the first '03 2500 I've seen in Calgary. And yes, that is indeed snow on the ground. On the bright side, the ski season is looking good.

I see you are from Oregon. This summer, I, along with my new Av, my 24' travel trailer and my family will be travelling for a month either down the Oregon coast or up to Alaska (we haven't decided yet).

By the way, your Summit White Av looks great as well. I think it probably amounts to splitting hairs when deciding between the colours. They all look great. However, I think I'm going to go with the blue. Thanks for your comments.
mtnbkr said:
I know this is old news for most of you, but nonetheless, here's a pic of an '03 LPM 2500.

Personally, I prefer the 02 LPM with the lighter colour cladding. ?

I was at the dealer ship last week for service and wondered through the AV section on the lot. They had a mix of 02s and 03s so I was checking out how the gray and the darker cladding looked on different AVs. Just my opinion but I thought the black, new charcoal and the white AVs looked better with the dark cladding while the red and pewter AV?s look nicer with the gray cladding.
I think I posted a pic awhile ago...but since we are on the topic.... here is my black '03 from the back.

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I've always been fan of blue's regardless of variety, but it pretty much comes down to your personel taste...having owned a black vehicle before I know the woe's of keeping it clean and hiding the swirls....hence my White Av.....and I constantly wash it always as well... :B:

I finally have some pics up of the Av in Arrival Blue. It was it's first rainstorm, I hope to have some more up of it and my Fiero after this weekend.

They're at picture trail, link is below.

i ordered the black, there was just no second guessing it!
I walked around the dealership yesterday and loved the look of the new cladding on the blue, black, and orange. I was not too fond of the look on the Pewter or the White. They didn't have the Dark Metalic or the Yellow, but those would be my picks if I had to do it all over again.


I went over to Pasco, WA today and went and looked at several 2003 Avalanche's and they have 2 arrival blue 1500 Z71 and one Red 2500


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What do ya mean your not fond of white Wiki.. :7: j/k.....the only thing I would add to that arrival blue would be the WOL tires..... :B: