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07 av leveling question


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Nov 16, 2006
central nj
any tips on the 07 leveling? im leaning toward to raise the front to be even with the rear,or lower the rear to match the front.well my goal would be to get the biggest tire without any rubbing on a 18"or 20" wheel if i raise the front. or the biggest rim 26 or better if i lower the rear to match the front. i think i am going to put a big tire on a 18-20" rim and key the front to level it out.
so what do i need to do so? i read many threads and pages on torsion keys.  what facts do i need to know for the 07 av? and what is the max tire size that fits when i get it leveled out on a 18-20" rim? i figured you guys would know these answers since im sure it has been done many times already and probably with min. rubbing. :B: thanks ,billy..
got a 3" body lift. A little nose down but not bad  it looks alot better than stock and gets me 33" tires. Here is a pic.


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