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07 bowtie painting question


Full Member
Jun 20, 2007
St. Johns, FL
OK folks, I've got the paint on order to make my bowties black (07 AV black) but I have a couple questions for those of you who know this better than I do..

1.? Do you have to sand/prime the factory bowties prior to adding the first coat of paint (makes sense to me but do not know what sandpaper or primer to use)

2.? How many coats of paint do you use and do you need to sand between them?

3.? How many coats of clear go on and do they get sanded?

? ?I can make any computer network run like crazy but want to make sure I get some good facts before hitting my bowties with the paint....

probably around 400 grit and sand in between coats with 1000 grit
do about 3-4 coats